Case Study

Protocol for Life Balance

Protocol For Life Balance is an A-rated GMP manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements created for healthcare practitioners.

Partner Since2016
MarketplacesAmazon U.S.
Seller CategoryHealth, Household & Personal Care

Key Challenges

When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, Protocol for Life Balance was quickly out of stock of many immune supplements due to the increased demand. Pattern and Protocol for Life Balance assumed we were losing potential traffic on the immune products. There was little reason to spend ad spend on products that would likely sell out anyways.

Out of Stock
  • Many out of stock immune products because of surge in demand
Budget Concerns
  • Worried about spending too much money on ads for products that would be out of stock

Our Approach

Pattern’s advertising team decided to approach the months following the pandemic differently. Pattern looked at what we called the “unexpected performers”. These were products that were receiving more sales than the previous month by more than 25%, but weren’t considered immune or vitamin D (the products the COVID crisis was naturally bumping). To capitilize on the "unexpected performers," Pattern and Protocol for Life Balance increased the total budget, ran non-branded ads, and capitalized on natural increases.


Because Protocol for Life Balance and Pattern’s advertising team shifted their strategy, Protocol for Life Balance was able to prove that supplements can outperform the month of January (typically the best performing month for supplement brands).

New Customers
  • New customers jumped from 37.25% of total customers in the month of January to 44.45% of total customers in April
Profitable Conversions
  • Conversions on Non-Branded Sponsored Products increased 211%
  • 84% increase of RoAS in 3 months



Increase of Conversions on Non-Branded Sponsored Products


37.25% to 44.45%

New Customers

Can Outperform January

Other Months