3 Amazon Reports to Increase Sales & Find More Customers

Tony Morales

August 28, 2020

Data is the oil behind the massive Amazon machine. It informs what products customers see, which sellers end up in the Buy Box, seller performance, and a plethora of insights across the platform that can help your brand thrive or dive. While there’s lots of data that Amazon keeps behind closed doors, there are valuable resources your brand can use to succeed, including Amazon Reports.

Amazon Reports

Amazon Reports (available through Seller Central) help your brand determine where your advertising dollars should go to most effectively grow your business, and the great news is that there are seven reports you can use to inform your ad spend on sponsored products:

  • Targeting Report
  • Search Term Report
  • Placement Report
  • Advertise Product Report
  • Campaign Report
  • Purchased Product Report
  • Performance Overtime Report

Five additional reports are available for sponsored brand advertisements, which help generate brand recognition:

  • Keyword Report
  • Keyword Placement Report
  • Campaign Report
  • Campaign Placement Report
  • Search Term Report

As the Director of Advertising at Pattern, I’ll walk you through three of the most valuable reports your brand can use to improve sales and get more clients.

1. Targeting Reports

When you’re looking to boost a product’s discoverability with your ad dollars on Amazon, you need to decide which keywords you are going to bid on that will drive the most traffic to your listing should you win. You also need to decide how much you’re willing to spend. Pattern’s brand partner Popsockets is a good example.

I might bid on a word like ‘Popsocket,’ ‘black Popsocket,’ ‘phone holder,’ ‘phone mount,’ ‘phone standup device.’ When I do this, I have to decide how much I’m willing to pay if the shopper clicks on that. Am I willing to pay a dollar? Am I willing to pay $5?

This is where Amazon’s targeting report comes in handy. Amazon’s targeting report gives you insights on the metrics for all of your campaigns that received at least one impression. It shows you every keyword, ASIN, and category you’re bidding on, including duplicate keywords.

What this report allows one to do is take a look at all of their keywords—all the stuff that they’re bidding on—and it allows them to figure out what’s profitable or what are the associated metrics. So I can see all of my keywords and how they’re performing, and I can see what words are most profitable to my business or what words essentially drive the most clicks or the most sales or what’s getting the most impressions and traffic.

Based on that information, brands can make the decision to bid more or less money for targeted advertisements to show up on specific keywords. Targeting reports (as well as keyword reports for sponsored brands) help you know how to win.

The best thing for this report is to figure out what are your must-win keywords. Using this targeting report or this keyword report, it essentially allows you to discover what your must-win entities are based on sales and based on traffic, and then you can bid accordingly to win these as often as you can afford.

By doing this, brands can increase the number of ad placements they have and theoretically increase the number of shoppers looking at and then purchasing their products.

2. Search Term Report

The Search Term Report (as well as the Placement Report) is an Amazon report my team at Pattern uses the very most to help brands succeed.

Let’s say you want to bid on the word “waterbottle.” There are three distinct match types you can choose from in Amazon’s system to make your bid: an exact match, a phrase match, and a broad match.

Exact Match With an exact match, the keyword will only show up if the customer types the word waterbottle into the search bar as is.

Amazon reports, exact phrase match | Pattern

This accounts for capitalization, punctuation, plural, and also Spanish translation. Essentially it’s when someone puts in waterbottle or waterbottles, that’s what the exact match is.

Phrase Match If your keyword is “waterbottle” and you set your match type to phrase match, your ads will not only show up for exact searches for waterbottles but for searches with additional verbiage at the beginning or the end of the word. This could mean phrases like blue waterbottle, insulated waterbottle, large waterbottle, or waterbottle for hiking will be included in your ad campaign.

Broad Match The final match type does everything an exact match and phrase match do, but it also allows for longer extrapolations and words that show up in between your keyword.

An example of a broad match for the keyword “waterbottle” would be something like “water big bottle” or “water insulated bottle.”

Where the Search Term Report comes in

The Search Term Report specifies a designation between the keyword and the search term. While the targeting (or keyword) report focuses simply on the keyword “waterbottle,” the Search Term Report takes a look at all of the different variations that someone may search for that are connected to the keyword “waterbottle” via a phrase match or broad match. It then gives you the data associated with these terms.

The data from the Search Term Report can help you identify terms that don’t perform well and add them as negative keywords in your campaigns. This ensures that they’re removed from your campaigns and ads aren’t populated for them, which keeps your brand from wasting money.

Another thing the search term report allows brands to do is identify words that are performing really well and getting you lots of sales. Once these phrases are identified, you can add them to your advertising campaign as keywords rather than search terms so they’re treated independently. That allows you to make specific bids with dollar amounts attached that you’re willing to spend. Once you’ve added these search terms as keywords, you can run search reports on adjacent phrases to them that may be just as successful.

3. Placement Reports

The Placement Report gives brands visibility about where their ads are going on Amazon so that they know how much they should bid.

When you do sponsored products, what happens is they show up in different spots. Some of them show up at the top of the page at the very top of Amazon search results. Some show up on what are called product detail pages, and other ads show up essentially in the rest of Amazon.

The Placement Report can help brands identify how many impressions are showing up at the top of the page, how much they’re winning in the top of the search, and how much of their money is going there. Those brands, should they choose to do so, can then increase their bid anywhere from 0 to 900% using placement multipliers in order to win a top-of-search or product detail page placement.

Using the Placement Report brands can use bidding and multipliers to consistently try to improve the percentage of top-of-search placements they’re winning and funnel the majority of their money towards those placements, giving them the best conversion possible.

Working through Amazon Reports may be a bit overwhelming, but Pattern can help brands use them to succeed. When you’re working with a company like Pattern, we save this data on your behalf and you don’t have to worry about saving it all on your own and keeping it someplace.

To learn more about Amazon Reports and how Pattern can help your brand succeed on Amazon, contact us below.

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Sept 20, 2022

Global Ecommerce Weekly News: 20th September 2022

Get up to date with this week's ecommerce headlines from around the globe. --- Amazon News --- Amazon to raise pay and add extra work benefits for delivery drivers Following the rise in fuel prices and protests by Amazon workers, the ecommerce giant is raising its delivery drivers’ pay and adding more work benefits. Amazon has mentioned that it will be investing $450 million into rate increases along with an education program and a Delivery Service Partners program. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/14/amazon-to-raise-delivery-drivers-pay-and-add-more-work-benefits/) Amazon announces it will give away shipping software to merchants at no cost Amazon has recently announced that it will be giving ecommerce merchants free software to manage shopper orders on and off its platform as it extends its reach. The ecommerce giant will be ending monthly costs for sellers using Veeqo, a shipping software it recently acquired and instead offer to them a new, free shipping software. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/16/amazon-to-give-away-shipping-software-to-merchants/) --- Other Marketplace News --- Walmart unveils new virtual fitting rooms In an effort to drive clothing sales, Walmart has launched virtual fitting rooms while competitors reduce spending amid the cost of living crisis. The virtual try-on tool can be used by Walmart customers to virtually measure the clothing items and see how the products would look on them. Shoppers will now be able to see how over 270,000 clothing items on Walmart’s ecommerce site would look on their bodies. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/15/walmart-launches-virtual-fitting-rooms-to-drive-clothing-sales/?utmsource=Retail+Gazette+Subscribers&utmcampaign=2da7f0f8f8-EMAILCAMPAIGN202209150742&utmmedium=email&utmterm=0d23e2768b6-2da7f0f8f8-61040615) THG slashes sales and profit expectations The Hut Group has slashed its forecasts for 2022 as rising interest rates, inflation and energy costs take a toll on consumers. Previously, THG estimated its sales growth to be between 22-25% but after a recent evaluation, has lowered this prediction to between 10-15%. Initial predictions did not take into account the negative effects of ceasing sales in Russia and Ukraine along with the impact that the cost-of-living has had on consumer spending. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/15/thg-slashes-forecast-as-cost-of-living-crisis-hits-consumers-wallets/) --- Other Ecommerce News --- DHL and Post Office team up to provide click and collect services Through a partnership between delivery company, DHL and Post Office, a new click and collect service is to be tested at Post Offices before rolling out to over 1000 branches across the UK. Online shoppers will now have the option of choosing their local Post Office as a collection point, and DHL will fulfil the delivery aspect, opening up networks for both parties. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/14/post-office-partners-with-dhl-express-to-provide-click-and-collect-services/) US consumer watchdog plans to further regulate the BNPL sector The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has raised concerns regarding the collection of consumer data and the fast-growing nature of the BNPL sector, which includes companies such as Affirm and Klarna. The CFPB is worried that these companies could be negatively impacting consumers’ financial health and aims to put better regulations in place to ensure consumers are safe and empowered. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/16/us-consumer-watchdog-to-start-regulating-bnpl-sector/) Japanese ecommerce market estimated to grow by 6.9% in 2022 The ecommerce market in Japan, largely dominated by domestic online retailers including Reakuten and Mercari, is set to reach $194.3 billion USD in 2022, after seeing an annual compound growth rate of 5.2% between 2018 and 2021. This makes Japan the fourth leading ecommerce market globally, following China, the US, and the UK. [Read more on Charged Retail](https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2022/09/13/japan-ecommerce-market-to-grow-by-6-9-in-2022/) Ecommerce brands are spending more on TikTok ads TikTok may soon be surpassing Facebook and Google as the most lucrative advertising channel, with ecommerce brands spending 60% more on TikTok ads in Q2. Facebook is still ahead as the top choice for ecommerce advertisers but only grew by 5.6% from Q1, while Google grew 20.5% in Q2, and Snap declined 10.8% in Q2. [Read more on SearchEngineLand](https://searchengineland.com/ecommerce-brands-spent-60-more-on-tiktok-ads-in-q2-387876)
Sept 20, 2022

4 Ecommerce Consultant Must-Haves

Entering the ecommerce landscape is a huge undertaking for any brand—it usually requires a large investment in resources and expertise to really be successful. Any brand can quickly get in over their heads trying to navigate the nuances of SEO, fulfillment and logistics, distribution control, listing optimization, and meeting the numerous other requirements and administrative tasks to show up well on marketplaces. 

Unfortunately, because it’s so easy for third party, gray market, and unauthorized sellers to obtain and sell products online, many brands find themselves pressured to execute an ecommerce plan without the right resources to succeed on marketplaces and their other channels.

So, for brands looking to enter the ecommerce space or improve their current and future performance, it makes sense to partner with an ecommerce consultant.

Pattern’s global presence and proven success with hundreds of brands has allowed us to develop highly effective ecommerce consulting services. We can guide your brand to navigate issues both large and small in marketplaces worldwide. To maximize your ecommerce efforts, you’ll need to understand what an ecommerce consultant does and how to select one who drives the right value for your brand and products. 

What is an Ecommerce Consultant?

An ecommerce consultant is a specialist in the ecommerce space who can give you personalized guidance on how to market your products and grow their presence on digital marketplaces.

An ecommerce consultant should be able to analyze your brand, audience, category, opportunity, and current roadblocks and help you understand how to utilize your resources (or what resources are missing) to be most effective in capturing your opportunities in the ecommerce space.

Not sure how to evaluate a consultant? Here are 4 key attributes to look for as you make your choice.

1. Brand Obsession/Specialization/Passion

At Pattern, we prioritize brand obsession for a reason—we know that a brand-centered mindset makes a crucial difference in the outcomes and results our partners achieve. So in our experience, when you begin your search for an ecommerce consultant, it’s important to look for a partner who is specialized in ecommerce, invested in the product, and passionate about helping brands build and improve their strategies. Typically, this means finding someone that consults exclusively for ecommerce marketplaces, rather than choosing a consultant who offers many different services. 

2. Proven Results

It’s also important to avoid choosing a consulting partner who can’t deliver the right experience for your brand. The best indication of whether your potential consultant can do that is to review their history, data, and results with other brands. Ask if they’ve helped others in your selling category, if they’ve solved specific issues your brand is facing, and why they feel you are a good fit. The key is to leave the conversation feeling confident that you understand your consultants’ capabilities and whether or not they match up with your needs.

3. Wide Range of Marketplace Expertise

It’s best to pick a consultant who knows how to guide a brand onto and through multiple marketplaces worldwide. You’ll want to take a look at your long-term strategy and think about the regions and platforms you’re currently on and where you might want to take your brand in the future. If your consultant is truly great at what they do, they’ll be able to help you perform well enough with your current product roadmap that it’ll be a no-brainer to expand your presence at the right time.

4. Network of Resources

The most effective partnership with an ecommerce consultant will be able to give you both recommendations and point you to solutions for making those changes in your planning, processes, and execution. Your time and money is valuable, so you want to make sure that you’re spending it as efficiently as possible as you follow your consultant’s advice. So, before you commit to an ecommerce consultant, ask about the resources and concrete solutions they typically recommend to the brands they work with.

Achieve Your Ecommerce Goals With Pattern

Finding an ecommerce consultant that checks the boxes can be a difficult task. At Pattern, our entire focus and drive centers around giving brands the tools and resources they need to succeed on domestic and international ecommerce marketplaces. 

With over 100 global ecommerce consultants across 10 global offices, we have the right tools to partner with brands across the world to achieve better ecommerce success. We give specialized advice, then make sure our partners have all the adequate SEO, social media, CRM, Amazon multi-channel fulfillment services, and ecommerce outsourcing services they need.

Interested in ecommerce consulting services? Set up a call here to learn what Pattern can do for your brand on global marketplaces.

Sept 15, 2022

The 3 Tmall Metrics That Every Brand Needs to Know

If you’re interested in expanding your brand internationally, you’re probably familiar with Tmall. Tmall is Asia-Pacific’s (APAC) largest marketplace, and indisputably the biggest ecommerce powerhouse in the world. It represents a huge opportunity for many brands, but entering the space is also a big challenge to take on.

At Pattern, we recommend brands looking to enter international markets should first focus on dialing in their domestic presence. Once you’re satisfied that your brand is well-represented and optimized locally, you’re ready to think about tackling new regions, like APAC, and launching on marketplaces like Tmall. Our top advice for entering Tmall is to understand and strategize around its three most important metrics: service, delivery, and content.

What is Tmall’s Detailed Seller Rating (DSR)?

Service, delivery, and content ratings are the three elements that make up Tmall’s Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) score. Each component is scored on a scale of 1-5 that is displayed publicly on your brand’s Tmall flagship store page. This is meant to help consumers decide whether or not to purchase your products.

Why DSR Determines Success on Tmall

DSR scores are important because they’re highly influential in driving conversions—customers see DSRs as a way to quickly understand if a brand is trustworthy and worth buying from. They also matter quite a bit to Tmall itself—they monitor these scores and will take action to close flagship stores with low scores.

Let’s go over each element of the DSR score and some steps you’ll need to take to achieve high ratings.

DSR Score Elements

1. Service

Service is a huge ecommerce component in APAC marketplaces. In most other regions, product listings are static, and consumers use content and reviews to make a decision about what to purchase. On Tmall, consumers want to interact with your brand and test its validity before buying—each transaction takes at least one human interaction to convert.

So, to get a great service rating, you’ll need to have a large, established customer service team dedicated to Tmall sales that can offer real, human touchpoints and very fast response times. To get an idea of the speed your agents should be capable of producing, in our Tmall benchmarking exercise, 92.5% of brands’ customer service agents replied to queries via live chat within 30 seconds, 5% replied within one minute and the remaining 2.5% of brands took longer than a minute. So, look for a Trade Partner (TP) that has enough resources to compete with those numbers, support your sales, and maintain a good DSR score.

2. Delivery

Another thing you’ll really want to focus on is a high-quality delivery experience for consumers. As in other regions around the world, Tmall consumers have high expectations for their delivery experience. In our Chinese consumer polling report that targeted consumers buying from Tmall Global, we found that 6% expected same-day delivery, 15% expected next-day delivery, and 46% expected 2-5 day delivery.They want to receive their products fast and they want the products to be undamaged and pristine upon arrival.

So, to achieve a high score for your delivery capabilities, we highly recommend partnering with a TP or ecommerce accelerator like Pattern (which serves as a TP) who has the ability to facilitate your distribution. Make sure your TP has the right infrastructure in place to support high-quality logistics experiences for all of your consumers—they should have an established, well-oiled delivery process in place and the capability to fluidly add you to their current fulfillment system.

3. Content

As in every digital marketplace, content is a huge component of the decision-making process for consumers on Tmall—they can’t touch your product with their hands or see it in person before buying, so it’s important they’re empowered to make a good decision on whether or not to purchase based on the videos, images, and copy.

The goal is to make all of the content and relevant information on your flagship site easily-accessible—consumers should be able to visit your page and make a decision about whether or not to buy without navigating to a new site/page and taking their conversions with them. Images with text and extensive product details are a great way to do this, as well as making sure your service team can speak to all aspects of your product with any consumers (via text or chat).

Expand Internationally With Pattern

As the world’s foremost brand partner for ecommerce acceleration, Pattern truly understands the significance of international expansion. With regional offices around the world, Pattern knows how to successfully launch and grow brands on Tmall and other marketplaces, with the data, insights, and marketplace intelligence to build the metrics that matter. 

It’s important to have a fantastic brand presence, a knowledgeable guide, and a clear go-forward strategy for your best chance at success. With our in-country resources, expert teams, and extensive experience in growing brands around the globe, Pattern can help you get there.

Set up a call to get your international expansion strategy in motion.