Always Be in Stock on Amazon

Pattern partners with your brand to make sure you never lose out on a sale or waste ad spend due to going out of stock.

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The Problem

Stock outs hurt sales and profitability

Product ordering and logistics is too often a guessing game prone to human error that leads to stock-outs on the one hand, and overstocks with high holding costs on the other hand. The worst part? When your product listings go out of stock, Amazon can view you as unreliable - dropping your ranking, wasting ad spend, and increasing competition from other sellers.

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The Solution

Always be in stock

As a Pattern brand partner, you get access to software that provides full visibility into your inventory position so you can maximize your ad dollar potential and not drive customers to out of stock listings. With Pattern's Shelf™ software Order Management System, we also provide brands forecasting and recommended order quantities as well as visibility into Amazon order limits to make sure you're always in stock.

Pattern is holistic in their approach. They helped us to streamline distribution, protect our brand, and grow our ecommerce business.

Robin Gabel

Yogi Tea National Account Manager

Pattern has been able to repurpose over $1.03M USD in global ad spend and protect more than $2.41 million USD in organic sales for brand partners using our In Stock Protection technology.

Mitch Park

Director of Product Management at Pattern

Pattern is nothing short of amazing! They manage your business and brand as if it were their own. They understand data like no other.

Chris Mayhew

Spectra Baby USA Sales Executive

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Step 3: Take back control

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